How To Make Money With Online Matrimonial Business?


Online matrimonial companies provide various options to generate income online with websites or an app. Business can grow very fast if the right business incentives are given to drive PRMedia business traffic and usage.

Today, online users are not only signing up online at one or two sites but are also looking for offline online alternatives, leaders specific to specific communities. This opens up great opportunities for small businesses in matrimonial affairs in India.

Trends Of Matrimonial Industry

Whereas in India 80% of marriages are still arranged. Of the 60 million people who want to get married, about 12-13 million adults get married annually. Of these, only 6% found their spouse online.

Its scope will increase in a big way over the next few years. I bet it will be in double digits by the end of 2022. 80% of mobile access Most Windows purchases are made on mobile devices, not desktop computers.

Matchmaking Business Statistics

There is a hybrid model of marriage. Since most businesses come from smaller cities in India, physical and online hubs only complement.

Just 3 years ago matrimonial business used to spend 50 crores per year and today they spend 133 crores per year.

Matrimony websites like Jeevan Sathi, Vivah and Shaadi had spent around Rs 1000 million crore on advertising 3 years ago. Last year alone he spent 4000 million. Today the market capitalization of marriage is 2000 crores and marriage is around 5000 million.

With a market cap of 67,5000 millions, Bumble dating app is more than India's leading digital company Info Edge which is worth 55,0000 millions.

Vivah has 8,40,000 paid subscribers, each of whom pays approximately Rs. 4,600. Bumble has 28,00,000 paid subscribers, each paying only Rs 1,500!!!!

But the model in India is not just superficial. While beauty is the biggest criterion for dating, class seems to be the biggest criterion for 95% of the Indian population.

Ways to Make Money from Matrimonial Website

Banner Revenues

This is a traditional way to generate income with matrimonial sites. Our website script is designed to allow easy integration of banners, whether integrated with third party networks such as Google Adsense or multimedia banners. The placements in our matrimonial application script were predefined, based on research reports from our website designers to be able to achieve higher CTR (click-through rate).

Membership Revenues

Membership is a traditional form of fee collection. It is still a major source of income and it tops the list. You can create membership packages based on the number of days to offer and the number of contacts. Ideal packages are sold for Rs 5000 to Rs 35000. Some niche business models also offer this at higher rates, but these plans are somewhat limited.

Enhancement Revenues

This is a non-traditional form of income and is available only in the online marriage business model. It provides an increase or difference when people search for matrimonial applications or websites. Sponsored, Bold, Color Enhanced, Verified Profile are some of them.

Wedding Services Directory

Again a non-traditional source of income, our software comes with free matrimonial directory software built in to the software. The software is capable of providing free/paid directory listings. It is an extension of existing software, it helps service providers to attract existing customers to advertise on the website.

Article Directory Revenues

You can use the articles section to write articles as well as earn revenue by providing PR to marriage service providers. You can charge in 4-5 digits depending on your niche.

Wrapping Up

You can create your own online matrimony software from a leading matrimonial website development company. They can provide a solution to this unique opportunity. The Matrimonial app comes with easy-to-manage preloaded features, be it banner and bundle integration or back-end invoice generation functions and APIs.

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